1. Typically people book between 14-28 nights at the DS. Some people clear in 14 days, others in 21 and some take 28 days, depending on the severity of your condition and your skin type.
  2. The best season for treatment is either at the end of April until mid-June or mid- September until end of October. It gets very hot at the DS and during the months of July-August it is almost impossible to sit in the sun.  You can also get a few cloudy or rainy days during your stay but usually it will be sunny and approximately 30 degrees.
  3. Travel with an agent so that he will take care of all the possible benefits available to Long Stay guests.
  4. Check if the Hotel is located next to the beach.  Most of the hotels that are not on the beach line can be accessed with a 5 minute walk or some hotels provide a buggy. You should choose a hotel based on reviews made by Psoriasis patients. Your stay will be entirely different than other tourists who come for short stay, and you need to check about the solarium capacity, quality of the sunbeds, the food and service.
  5. Ask for advice; there are many psoriasis forums online who will be glad to provide their insight into the Dead Sea. If it is your first treatment and your skin is not use to sun, you should take it easy – put on sun protection cream and don’t stay in the sun at noon (11am-3pm) for the first few days until you see how your skin acclimatizes.  The first sun at 6:30am is always good for those initial few days.
  6. Interacting… it is easy to make new friends as everyone is in the same boat so don’t be shy and do go out of the hotel in the evening.
  7. There are beautiful walks next to the area of hotels, and a walkway that goes through the shore line for few miles which is perfect for running or walking so don’t forget your sport gear.