Sharing a hotel room at the Dead Sea for Psoriasis treatment

Sharing a hotel room with another Psoriasis patient at the Dead Sea is very common. The two (2) main reasons for doing so are budget concerns and good company.

The hotel costs can be reduced by up to 40%!

From my experience…

Usually, I prefer to have a roommate because it is nice to have someone to talk to and share individual experiences about the treatment. Going to the dining room together is also nicer than being alone and it is always good to have someone for help if needed. I got very lucky; I have had the same roommate for my May’s psoriasis treatment for the last 13 years!! She has become one of my closest friends. I met my October’s roommate 5 years ago and she has also been a significant part of my life.

During our stay at the Dead Sea, we enjoy each other’s company, help each other, and this overall partnership is working great for us.

How to find a roommate?

Try searching in Psoriasis communities and Facebook groups. If you don’t want to expose yourself or to spend too much time seeking, I can help you with the process.

How to choose a good roommate to share a room with?

  1. Choose someone from your own gender and age range.
  2. Matching travel dates and hotel preference.
  3. Communication!!!
  4. Ensure that the person is able to talk in a shared language
  5. Make an acquaintance. It is best to talk and not text. A text doesn’t show spontaneity and can be edited. A written text can also be interpreted in different ways. Just talk when you both have time and are not in a rush.

During the talk, you should try to get as much information about the other person, such as:

  •  Is the individual an open or introverted person (likes party and people or likes to stay in the room)
  •  Is he/she an easy sleeper (every noise matters) or sound sleeper (snoring)?
  •  Does he/she like to watch T.V at midnight or to sleep with lights on?

You should also give as much information about yourself, be honest and mention the things that might interrupt a roommate. You both don’t want to find yourselves in the same room, surprised.


Good Luck!

Me and my roommates: