Sharing a hotel room at the Dead Sea

Sharing a hotel room at the Dead Sea for Psoriasis treatment Sharing a hotel room with another Psoriasis patient at the Dead Sea is very common. The two (2) main reasons for doing so are budget concerns and good company. The hotel costs can be reduced by up to 40%! From my experience… Usually, I […]

Don’t forget to bring with you:

Sun protection creams – it is best and recommended to start with high UVF and to change to lower UVF gradually. Oil – if your skin is not sensitive after a few days in the sun you can apply oil on your skin; there are different kinds; olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, baby oil […]

Tips for your treatment at the Dead Sea

Typically people book between 14-28 nights at the DS. Some people clear in 14 days, others in 21 and some take 28 days, depending on the severity of your condition and your skin type. The best season for treatment is either at the end of April until mid-June or mid- September until end of October. […]

The Solarium – our own private suntrap

The solarium is a specially designated area on the rooftop of every hotel at the Dead Sea. These areas are segregated between men and women. There is also a public solarium on the beach. These areas are specifically designed for men and women to sunbathe separately from each other and feel comfortable. There are a […]

The Dead Sea Psoriasis Treatment

Food and Psoriasis

If you are interested in improving the symptoms of psoriasis you may want to consider looking at your diet. Psoriasis is a skin condition that is often caused by an immune reaction and at times in specific joints and pressure points throughout the body. The reason why psoriasis can crop up still remains a big […]

The Dead Sea Psoriasis Treatment

Three Main Treatments for Psoriasis in the Dead Sea

Heliotherapy:exposure to the air in the sunshine near the Dead Sea can provide healing properties. Not only does the dense metals work to filter out the sunlight and reduce the chances of dangerous sunburns but the special combination of the oxygen in the air as well as the incredibly unique type of sun exposure can […]

The Dead Sea as a cure for Psoriasis

For sufferers of psoriasis, it may seem like relief is simply impossible at times. Even though natural remedies have been working for people for centuries, most psoriasis sufferers often turn to pharmaceutical solutions to fight their particular skin issues. There are very few natural places in the world that can actually be cited as offering […]